I've been there and I can help

As a matter of fact, odds are there isn’t a fit.

The reason is simply I do things differently.  

And, Let me share one of my BIGGEST SECRETS

I know exactly what you are thinking.

  1. There has to be a catch

  2. I am missing something or not thinking about Mac’s agenda clearly

  3. If not #1 and #2 then this must not be valuable

WRONG on all counts

There is no catch. There is no pressure. No obligation. No tricks or challenges. This is a no strings attached deal SIMPLY because I am 

100% SURE 

I know for a fact that if you are a driven, passionate and committed entrepreneur then this is going to be a grand-slam for you. But I also know that if it isn’t a fit, then it is best for you AND FOR ME that you opt out having only spent $1. 


My business model is incredibly simple and transparent. I want to get driven people in my personal community so I can work with them, bring my team, my resources and all my lessons learned to help them GET REAL RESULTS.


Again, simple. I help you get results and you will tell others like you. Not only will you tell them, you’ll help them as well. This virtuous cycle is how amazing things happen and why I am so choosy about the communities I am involved in. I want to help others, and have them help me. 

To make this work it has to be a great fit. 


Why make this offer?

I built and sold two companies while still in my 20s (both for millions). After I sold my third company, I realized I had a unique formula. After I sold my fourth, then fifth, then sixth (all for millions… several eight figure exits) I started to realize that all the people I was seeing on social media promoting their “advice” or “programs” were actually still trying to create their success (by promoting themselves)... 


So people join my programs for exactly one reason: 

  • How you can make more money

  • The best strategies to scale bigger and faster

  • How to have more freedom WHILE building your company

  • To create the option to sell your business (at maximum value)

You likely don’t know me because I’m not a social media star or a great self promoter. While others polished their Instagram accounts, built their followings and clever conversion funnels, I quietly built my companies. I spent 25 years as a heads-down Founder and Entrepreneur. 

No fluff, no special sessions about doing hair and makeup before your YouTube debut… We deal in actionable advice, dollars and cents, and tangible results. 

Some people truthfully just want the flash… well, that’s not me.


The reality is my success was never about ME.

Sure I worked hard, was blessed with a reasonable brain, and made some smart decisions but the secret sauce was actually other people. 

I (for my entire working life) surrounded myself with people who could help me. I learned to move faster and smarter. I studied and mirrored people I admired. I learned shortcuts and strategies for people who had already been where I wanted to go. They told me what to do, and what to avoid. 

Over a short period of time those “advantages” become a secret sauce that leads to very real, very tangible results.

YEP, it was the COMMUNITY I built around me.  

So, how do I help people in my programs get results?



We teach them things they haven’t seen or heard before. We show them the path to take and the routes to avoid. We connect them to resources. We learn their business and dig in with them. It feels incredible...


My programs start at $10,000 and they are by application only. 

Now, if accepted into our programs, my members and I are expecting they each get 10-100x return on their investment. Yes, I mean $100,000 to $1,000,000 in tangible results… 

So why is this a problem?

Candidly, it isn’t a problem for me… I love working with the amazing founders in my programs. I love helping them get clarity and confidence in their business. I love teaching them strategies that challenge their thinking and watching them create real results. 

 The problem is some people think they can’t afford $10-25k.

I’d likely argue that, but.. But since you are still reading

I have an offer you can't turn down.

It is simple. 

I give you access to ME, my team, my experts (more on that in a minute), exclusive content, our private platform, exclusive events, live sessions…. A COMMUNITY...


Invitation to join our Private Group

Private Member Forum (group chat, posting, direct messaging) 

A 24/7 online community of founders, entrepreneurs and experts

LIVE Q&A sessions with me (Mac), including doing real time business tear-down and recommendations for our members

New, relevant and actionable content (blog posts, articles, videos, etc.)

LIVE trend and update sessions with me sharing my current thinking, new findings, trends, what I am telling CEOs running my companies, what I am talking to my Mastermind about, etc.)

Access to select videos, exercises and frameworks from my Private Mastermind’s and Coaching work

A Community Manager focused on helping you engage within the platform and maximize your value from the program.

The community alone is worth $10k but I want you to join as my team and I want to help you. 

Here's my offer...

Join now for $99 a month. (90% off the minimum price of my typical group).

Wait, I’ll still do you one better. 

It is $1.00 (one US dollar) for 30 days with zero strings attached to see if it is a fit for you. This is Not a trick. You won’t keep getting billed or find it impossible to cancel. 

You can cancel at any time for any reason. We’ll even email you a week before your $1.00 trial ends to see if you would like to stay in the group or cancel. And cancel just means say NO. Again, zero strings attached.

Final kicker, if you join now you will lock in this price FOR LIFE. So as long as our group continues even if this one gets up to the $1,000+ a month level my most recent group passed, YOU will only pay $99 a month as long as you are in the program.


If you take me up on this offer to access our group, you will be joining my private community called: The FENX.

The FENX is a global community of leaders, experts and entrepreneurs committed to a powerful MOVEMENT… to support and inspire entrepreneurs to RISE to their full potential. (You’ll love the energy and mission in this). 


There are three steps from this document to join.

  1. Click HERE or any button to JOIN via our $1.00 No Strings TRIAL

  2. Pay $1.00 

  3. Click into our private platform and start getting value

Depending on how fast you enter your basic information, I’d imagine you’ll see me and the community in the private platform in less than 10 minutes.

Ready to JOIN? Click here...

If you aren’t sure, it probably isn’t a fit. If you are overthinking $1.00 and a no-strings-guarantee, you are either:

  1. NOT really an entrepreneur

  2. Already sure this isn’t a fit (which is probably a good thing, so stop reading :)

  3. Paralyzed with fear

So, if it was #1 or #2, stop reading and get back to whatever you are passionate about. I applaud that and appreciate your time.

If you are #3, Paralyzed with fear, I’d argue this is the smartest dollar you’ll ever spend in your life. I would even offer to refund your full one dollar, but the processing cost is even higher than that so I’m losing money anyway if you don’t move forward. My suggestion is this. Take the offer, learn a ton, ask a bunch of questions, engage with others and see if we can’t help reduce your fear and anxiety. If you drop out in 3 weeks that info, advice and perspective will have been worth 100x that dollar. 

Chances are you’ll see a ton of your peers, who have moments of fear or anxiety will thrive exactly BECAUSE of the community they now have around them. So, give us a shot to help you.

Join the Movement for $1
Not Sure Yet? Hear What Industry Leaders Have to Say About Working with Mac

"No matter the stage of your business, Mac has been where you are. His mentoring can help you avoid painful landmines and maximize opportunities. He can train you to think like an outsider looking at your own business, which is an incredibly valuable lens to have."

Trent H., COO of a Fintech Start-up

Rhett B., Attorney/Serial Entrepreneur

"Mac’s personal experience and practical expertise make him unique in the fields of business and life coaching. He obviously knows what he is talking about because of his own successes, which makes it that much easier to absorb the information that he is providing. Combine this with his terrific teaching and presentation skills, and you’ve got something truly special."

John D., Founder/CEO of a Manufacturing Company

"Mac has a great way of boiling down what seems to be a complicated topic and making it easy to understand and creating action steps to help you navigate the process. I highly recommend him to any owner, no matter the stage of your business."

Ed P., President at Finance Co.

“You educate, you inspire, you challenge us all to THINK differently and did so without showcasing your own tremendous success… it will have a lasting impact.”

I share everything I've learned to help them create real success
Join the Movement for $1Join the Movement for $1Join the Movement for $1

You are reading this because you’ve heard about my exclusive programs. Maybe you are skeptical, but curious. 

Well, I can save you a ton of time by starting out saying that my approach, my style and my programs are not for everyone. 


96% of companies never reach $1 MILLION in revenue! 

80% of entrepreneurs in the United States make less than $50,000 a year. 

99% will never make over $150,000 a year.

I will show you how to DEFY THE ODDS

Are you struggling to break through? 

Do you wish you could have more time to spend with friends and family AND want to supercharge your business' growth?

Do you have great ideas but can't seem to scale?

Do you struggle to know the right things to focus on?

Has your business been stuck at the same level?

Do you feel trapped in a grind of endless and thankless work?

Would you like to have a community to help you thrive as an entrepreneur?


Nick C., Founder/CEO of AnthymTV

"Member engagement - We had a fellow FENX member privately reach out to us to help with a business challenge we posted about in the portal. It led to a incredibly helpful discussion offline." 

Maegan S., Co-Founder of  oVertone Color

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